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fullscreen-capture-12-01-2009-2036071Kamajoles place is my own personal website. This is where we (my wife and I) have our picture gallery, family tree, weblog and other stuff (most likely only interesting for our family).


Well, there actually never were any real problem regarding this website, but when your family is located several hundred kilometers away and you don’t see them every other day, then this is the obvious way for us to share information with them.


I would like to think, that this website isn’t done yet. I regard it as “under development” all the time or (if I should use a more populair term) as a beta version. It’s hard to find a web 2.0 site today that isn’t in beta, so why not this one as well.



Software and technologies used

PHP, MySQL, Zend Framework, jQuery, WordPress, Gallery2 and PhpGedView