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August 6th, 2009

Insightview.euInsightView aims at providing thoughtful insights about political, macro economic and financial events and trends with speed and frequency. InsightView comments fresh data online.

Macro economic news is added into its historical data series (charts) flavoured with historical and could-be parallels. Each data point is commented in global perspective, financial market consensus perspective as well as InsightView’s own outlook perspective. InsightView provides its own outlook (scenarios/storyboards) about potential trends in global financial markets and economy. InsightView takes a global top-down approach and makes a subjective filtering of global news flow.

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Eksistentiel Krop- og Psykoterapi

July 10th, 2009
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Eksistentiel Krop- og Psykoterapi v. Gerda BeckGerda Beck offers various kinds og therapy for individuals or couples. Further more psychotherapist educations and trainings are arranged several times a year.

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Kamajoles place

October 12th, 2005
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fullscreen-capture-12-01-2009-2036071Kamajoles place is my own personal website. This is where we (my wife and I) have our picture gallery, family tree, weblog and other stuff (most likely only interesting for our family).

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Øresundskollegiets Fodboldklub ’97 (ØKF)

January 1st, 2003

Øresundskollegiets Fodboldklub '97 (ØKF)Historically, ØKF sprang from the studying environment of Øresendskollegiet. Today, it is a self-standing football club with members from all areas of Copenhagen. A large portion of the members have moved to Copenhagen from Jutland, Zealand and Funen.

ØKF was founded in the fall of 1997, and since then has grown very rapidly. Today, the club has 8 men’s tournament teams at the senior level including a seven aside team, and 2 women’s teams, an 11 and a 7 man squad.

The clubs Men’s First team is in the 1st Division, and the rest of the teams are distributed down through the levels. The teams are grouped by ability. We have players from all ranges of abilities: those who have been youth national team players and some who have never played in a club before.

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