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Gevninge IF Tennis Klub


Gevninge IF Tennis Klub is a small tennis club with around 100 members and two tennis courts.


There was a demand for some kind of booking tool, so the members could log in to a website and book a court at a given time on a given day.


The solution contains a dynamically built booking calendar for each court. If at any time Gevninge IF Tennis Klub builts another court, then it is a matter of changing a single number from 2 to 3 and the booking calendar will show three courts. It’s also possible to change the booking interval from one hour to anything else and the booking calendar will reflect the change immediatly.

Each member can only book a given number of times in advance, allowing other members to get a chance to book a time as well. Further more the system distinguish between booking a match between two members or booking a match between a member and a guest (non-member), which there is a yearly limit on.

Finally the system contains an admin controlled banner ads and dynamically built statistics module.

The booking system has run smoothly with only very little maintenance ever since 2006 where the site was launched.


Software and technologies used