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Historically, ØKF sprang from the studying environment of Øresendskollegiet. Today, it is a self-standing football club with members from all areas of Copenhagen. A large portion of the members have moved to Copenhagen from Jutland, Zealand and Funen.

ØKF was founded in the fall of 1997, and since then has grown very rapidly. Today, the club has 8 men’s tournament teams at the senior level including a seven aside team, and 2 women’s teams, an 11 and a 7 man squad.

The clubs Men’s First team is in the 1st Division, and the rest of the teams are distributed down through the levels. The teams are grouped by ability. We have players from all ranges of abilities: those who have been youth national team players and some who have never played in a club before.


With an increasing number of registered players and teams there was a need for easy, fast and intuitive adminstration of every aspect of the club. One of the clubs corner stones are the social life within and outside the club, so a community forum was also needed.


Invision Power Board was installed as the core of almost every function on the site. Several customized modules (managing players, teams, matches, match results, etc.) were developed and embedded into Invision Power Board.

Coppermine Gallery was installed and are serving as the gallery for all the photos from football matches, partie, etc.

Google Apps are being used to handle the calendar and emails for all the administrative people in the club.


Software and technologies used



Jan Olsen has over a 2 plus 3 year’s period developed the web-site and setting up the email system for the Copenhagen based football club ØKF, a major football club in Copenhagen for senior players.

The web-site is today a full service oriented web-site with many advanced function ranging from team and player statistics, administration areas, over team selection and match registration to the more common functions like chat forum, galleries, emails and information pages.

Looking at the backend the football club’s web-site must be one of the most developed web-sites in Danish club football minimising the work-load of administration for the managers and players.

During this process and ongoing Jan Olsen has been extremely service minded, fast reacting on new demands, and creative in solution designing.

We give Jan Olsen our best recommendations.

Founder and Vice President
Thorbjørn Schmidt-Jacobsen

Thorbjørn Schmidt-Jacobsen




Jan has designed our homepage and created several functions to ease the daily work for coaches, players and administrators at the club. He has created a solution to every idea I have come up with including several ideas I thougth was impossible to carry out in real life.

Jonas Herby, President, ØKF

Jonas Herby