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The following list provides a brief overview of the IT related skills I have developed since mid 90s, both from personal interest as well as through my job as a full time system developer.

You will notice that the skills and technologies are heavily based on functionality and not so much on design and graphical representation.

Programming languages



Operating Systems

Windows Server
Linux (DebianRedHatopenSUSE and Ubuntu)

Other systems/applications I have worked with and are confident with

Advent Office (AxysMoxy and Qube)
Advent Portfolio Exchange (APX)
Apache and IIS
Coppermine Gallery and Gallery2
EDIFACT (Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport)
Google Apps
Google Chart API
IBM Websphere MQ
JoomlaDrupalphpWebSite and CMS Made Simple
MediaWiki and DokuWiki
phpBB and Invision Power Board
eKapital (Tax reporting to the Danish authorities – deposits, loans, interest and transactions)
Webmin and Usermin
WordPress (Elementor, White Label CMS, Client Customization)