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Helsekompagniet A/S deals with corporate massage systems and employee health in Danish companies, focusing on the well-being and greater employee satisfaction.

Helsekompagniet A/S specializes in the treatment regimes available to a company’s employees – at the location of the company itself. This avoids unnecessary waste for transport and care is in the house, should there be any acute problems.


Helsekompagniet A/S’s clients have customized systems, where the company’s and employee’s needs are taken into account. Each company has special wishes to be respected in order to handle bookings, accounting, statistics, logistics, additional services, etc. The handling of  all these aspects takes a lot of time for the managers, so in order to keep expanding it is necessary to get a system which can automate some of the problems.


The solution is heavily based on the Zend Framework for everything regarding database access, configuration and authentication (ACL). The graphical user interface is based on jQuery‘s AJAX features, which has kept page reloads to a very minimum even though there are quite a lot of different pages spread across four different user roles.

The administrator can control more or less every aspect of the site, meaning it’s users, user roles, static data, bookings, accounting, statistics, logistics, etc. This means that when first the site is configured and up and running, then there shouldn’t be any need for help from a consultant.


Software and technologies used



Jan Olsen has designed a booking system for our Company Helsekompagniet A/S.

Jan has been very fast in understanding our specific needs and he has also been fast in creating the system. He has always been both flexible and creative in the process whenever we needed additional things. During the whole process he has all the time been very service minded and serious about doing only the best! He has responded fast also during weekends. The best service!

We are very satisfied with the result and have now a very good working tool which makes our daily routines a lot easier. Jan is a very responsible and a reliable person and it has been a pleasure to do this process.

We will give our best recommendations.

Hanne Toftekær